Dedicated Software Testing

All Organizations provides Dedicated Testing services that minimize the risk in the end product and also reduce production cost.

We have dedicated testing methodologies in place to deliver successful and minimal risk solutions.

Our Dedicated Software Testing Process

Vesta team of experienced SDedicated Testing experts identify opportunities to apply technology solutions to provide the customizable framework and an integrated testing strategy for the development lifecycle

Require Analysis

  • Understand, identify and verify test requirements.
  • Prioritise test requirements based on risks.
  • Review testability of all requirement.
  • Get sign-off for the test requirement

Test Planning

  • Testing strategy formulation.
  • Create test traceability matrix.
  • Test plan.
  • Test environment planning and management

Test Design

  • Create business test scenarios
  • Review business test scenarios
  • Create test cases/data
  • Review test cases/data

Test Execution

  • Functional testing.
  • Regression testing.
  • Performance and load testing
  • Analyze and report the defect found

Defect Management

  • Fix identified defects
  • Retesting of the defects.
  • Track and monitor defects.
  • Prepare defect analysis report

Acceptance and Closer

  • Prepare test summary report
  • Get acceptance from customer and sign- off the project
  • Acceptance and Closer Completed