Competitor Analysis

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What does a competitor analysis involve?

Our team of digital marketing specialists has extensive experience in competitor analysis, as well as access to thousands of pounds worth of tools that help us analyse data, identify trends and delve deep into your competitive landscape.

Using industry leading software and tools, we can identify your nearest search competitors across your range of keyword targets.


From this analysis, we can really refine what your business' unique selling point (USPs) are and how they make you stand out from the competition. This might be price driven, it might be about which keywords competitors target, or it could be based on the content they produce.


Competitor analysis typically breaks down into three major parts: backlinks comparison, ranking analysis and content comparison. This is always comparable to your own business's performance to see why and where competitors are making conversions


Taking all the information together we can use competitors' strengths and weaknesses that have been identified with the understanding of your business to design and carry out a successful digital marketing campaign.