Targeted Audience

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Targeted Audience Development Services

What is new – and evolving all the time – is the range of potential channels to use in developing an audience. Vesta team works with businesses across lead generation and ecommerce to broaden existing and develop new audiences.

Our SEO strategies always start with the most prominent terms, ensuring your brand is found when the user is ready to buy.


Remarketing is a powerful method for re-engaging lapsed customers or speaking more directly to those who have visited your website but not gone on to convert. Our specialists work across PR, SEO and PPC to identify potential gaps and create compelling campaigns to grow remarketing audiences for your business.


Our team works closely with you to understand your audience and to assess the marketplace to ascertain where online that audience can be found, and to create compelling content to earn their attention.


We've helped businesses to develop new strategies relating to audience targeting and even product development that have diversified and therefore broadened their audiences.