New Webiste SEO Strategy

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We help you get your brand in front of your target audience and build your site’s authority and ranking.


Vesta SEO offers an effective strategy to achieve high rankings in Google. Our team is specialized in link building, HTML upgrades and content management systems.


More visitors to your website means more sale for your company. With our SEO services we place you on the first page of Google and make sure your website is found.


Every customer receives a SEO analysis and optimization reports monthly. We have over 10 years of experience and this makes us a very strong company with deep knowledge of search engines and algorithm.

Cost Effective

With Vesta SEO competitive prices, Vesta SEO gets the maximum return from your SEO campaign. High conversion for targeted keywords and position monitoring.

New Website SEO : What's Included?

Our new website SEO briefs are designed to provide you the optimal structure, content requirements and SEO considerations to enable your website to rank well in the search results pages.

Existing Website Audit

We'll review your existing website, if you have one, to highlight what works well now and what should therefore be retained in the future.

Content Redirection Mapping

We'll conduct a full crawl of your site and create the 301 redirect file to ensure you don't end up with 404 errors or lose the SEO value of pages which are now removed.

New Webite Navigation Structure

We'll advise on the optimal positioning of your new website's pages and content from an SEO perspective, helping to boost your important content up the search results.

Keyword Research

Also a part of the navigation structure, we'll conduct keyword research to identify what topic each of your pages should be focusing on and therefore which search queries they should be aiming to rank for.

We offer Professional SEO services

We can help you optimise your website to achieve better search rankings.

Here are some elements that our search experts will consider during the SEO process

Keyword Research & Analysis

Selecting the “right” keywords is the key of succes for your online businessc and search engine optimization campaign. When the “right” are selected you will get the right visitors to your website.

We at Vesta offer complete SEO packages and effective strategies that can be adjusted or customized for every company different.

Locale and International SEO Strategie

Our team is specialized in optimization for different languages and different Google's like,, and many other country's Search engine

  • We offer English, Indian and International languages.
  • Your company will be added to Google Maps.
  • Link building in your language.
  • Optimization of HTML and meta name tags.

Content Creation and Marketing

Creating new content and optimization is very important to increase the amount of visitors to your website.

Increasing the amount of pages with text is a part of this process, this can be done with blog posts, information or news about your company.

Locale and International SEO Strategie

Building high quality back links is a difficult process. We use many different methods and tactics to create a natural looking back link structure with more link juicen to increase your positions.

  • Related links with high quality for your Website and Ranking.
  • With a good back link portfolio you rank higher in Google.
  • A winning link strategy is the most important for your online success.
  • Our link building services gives your company an extra boost.