PHP & MySql Training In Chennai

By Vesta Technologies

The prime reason to learn a scripting language like PHP is because of the interaction with databases. In this training we will teach you how to use PHP and the MySQL database to store information on the web and include it into your website. Before you start reading this tutorial you should have at least a basic knowledge of how to work on PHP. If you do not yet know PHP, we suggest that you attend our demo PHP tutorial class before continuing.

Our Approach:

Students are at the top of our priority list and we always make sure that every student is given the best training possible. In order to provide the best training, all our training modes have been made interactive sessions. Out of all the 4 training modes, the students are given an opportunity to choose a mode of training depending on their requirements. Different training methods have been introduced for individuals as well as for corporates. Unlike most of the online trainings today, Our Online trainings are interactive sessions and are similar to our classroom trainings. The student will be connecting to our Live virtual classroom where they will be able interact with the trainer.

We provide one of the best professional trainings within SAP in the industry. The courses are run by experts with ample industry experience on this subject matter. The course run are well up to professional standards with the latest industry updates. Contact our team at Vesta for all your queries.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this training you will:

  • Understand the core concepts of Ab Initio module.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as an Ab Initio Developer.

Before proceeding, you should have at least basic understanding of computer programming, Internet, Database, and MySQL etc is very helpful.

Duration: 32 Hours
Course Preview:
  • Module 01  : PHP Built-In-Structure
  • Module 02  : How to use Form Data in PHP
  • Module 03  : How to use database in PHP
  • Module 04  : How to use database in PHP
  • Module 05  : PHP Securities
  • Module 06  : PHP And The Web
  • Module 07  : Object Oriented PHP Presentation
  • Module 08  : CMS Categories and More
  • Module 09  : CMS-Extra Features
  • Module 10  : CMS-Extra Features-User Registration
  • Module 11  : CMS-Extra Features-Author Related Post
  • Module 12  : CMS-Extra Features-More Security

About Trainer

Versatile instructor – led training class rooms through tailored courses with smaller class sizes at Vesta facilitate people to interact more conveniently and acquire knowledge, there by generating outstanding results both for themselves and the organization they work for..


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